The Leap Copter Lifts Off!

¬†From it’s inception to creation

This blog is an in depth look at an upcoming dissertation project and it’s development, containing entries discussing all stages of it’s realisation.

What is the Leap Copter?

The Leap Copter will be an AR Drone, a quad rotor flying robot, controlled by two alternate methods of input. Mainly, mind control, through the use of an EEG device called the Mind Wave. Secondly, it will be controlled using a LEAP motion device, and infra red device that reads in gestures and attempts to make sense of them.

This field of work in robotics has numorous applications, including disabled robotics, where users may not have control of digits or parts of their bodies that are otherwise taken for granted.


The first development post will be hitting soon,  describing current progress and the development plan for the forseeable future